It’s not Only Stars that Glitter…
“Fairyland is just one step away, and its gate is open. Scroll with us over there, where there’s a lot of fun. Turf-cake in your haversack, the journey leads us far away. And in a script, the scones baked in the ashes… ”
(A) Life worth living
Szombathely – hometown of Leopold Bloom’s dad Rudolph – has been chosen as the Official Bloomsday Capital of 2019. On this honourable occasion, a short play on Ulysses will be performed, the only problem that it is not written yet… Join Joyce-fan Ibolya & her friends in Szombathely and take part in their playwright project! Don’t worry, an Irish professor straight from Dublin is also on his way to the rescue!

All Inclusive Bloomsday Break

“All Inclusive Bloomsday Break” is a new, entertaining attempt to portray the Hungarian aspects of Ulysses and Joyce’s life – this time through a modern partnership. The story of the two young men reflected in many respects the relationship between the novelist Bloom and Molly and the author Joyce and Nora. They also want to find out whether their love overcomes the distance between their country’s traditions and culture.
Chapter Two
The grieving writer is chased by women. The divorced actress is entrenching herself into work. They won’t ever hear of love. However, a swapped phone number brings them together. Can they get rid of the chains of their past? Can two miracles fit in one life? Can they take their second chance? And what happens with the two tenacious procurers, who also get bitten over each other. All turns out from the romantic comedy successfully running in Hungary too – this time in the presentation of the Hungarian-Irish Theatre.
Dear Mr. Joyce
An ”interview” in the form of a short play “Dear Mr Joyce” by C.E. Toldy and performed by the international cast of the Hungarian-Irish Theatre. “Kati Juhász: Yes, Mr Joyce. We know that you are immortal, but aren’t you bored sometimes? Don’t you miss a bit of conversation?”
As the title suggests, the letters of the two cities are the mirror shapes of each other, but it would be too easy to believe that life forms could be interchanged between the capitals. Which makes more sense? Looking for better working conditions, goals, or change for someone who is unconcerned in your homeland or love? How long can you drag and keep your origins? What is the risk? How fast can you “sweep” home memories? A humorous and grotesque story about a Hungarian boy coming to Dublin in Budapest to create a happy home for the future.

7 Eccles Street Heaven

A short, humorous interview with Ulysses’ protagonists Leopold Bloom and his flirtish wife, Molly.


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